Case Studies

Revamping IT infrastructure in a live scenario To revamp the entire Structured Cabling of IBN 7 without affecting the broadcasting of the channel and to perform the entire work in a live scenario with minimum disruption to the users on the floor. The entire cabling setup to be upgraded to CAT 6 Solution from the existing CAT 5e Solution. Read More..
10G Ready Infrastructure The customer wanted their Structured Cabling to be future ready and be able to support 10 G applications which were currently being prepared by Application Vendors across the globe. Prime Group being a leader in its domain was also very conscious of the correct IT solution that was being proposed by the various other System Integrators wanting to partner with them. Read More..
Restructured LAN & wecurity for Bejaj Capital Earlier Bajaj Capital’s network was running on unmanaged Switches and unstructured cabling. They were having flat network only and the same IP schema was used for each department including Servers. Read More..
Vartualization with VMware on x86 platform Prior to 2010, DS Group operated 18 Rack & tower servers distributed across several locations to support eight large sites and 34 smaller sites throughout the country. Read More..
Data center designing & connectivity solution for Religare IBM approached Targus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Targus) in helping them design a Data Center Structured Cabling Solution (SCS) for Religare comprising of 110 racks divided into two phases over a period of 6 months. Read More..
Success of superdome computer at TELECOM Sector Reduce downtime, increase business application availability with less administrative complexity, cost and the time to manage IT infrastructure. Read More..
Design and implementation of Switching, Security and Wireless In this project, the major concern shared by Westin IT team were throughput of network, Network security, Physical and Logical separation of Corporate and Guest network, use of Wireless for guest network only & no common network sharing by both networks. Read More..

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