Database Migration Minimize Costs and Risks, Accelerate Schedules of Data Migration

The Targus Technologies solution for data migration automates and streamlines data migration processes with a combination of technology, methodology, and services. This solution is comprised of comprehensive, open, and unified data integration technology to enable data migration. It includes a proven data migration methodology based on best practices, as well as end-to-end data migration services offerings.
  • Minimize common errors by cleansing data prior to migration.
  • Accelerate data migration projects by reducing the time spent on data extract-transform-load (ETL).
  • Reduce risk by relying on proven data migration technology, methodology, and services.
  • Lower the overall costs of data migration projects.

Data Migration Key Features

  • Natively accesses nearly all datatypes in any system.
  • Profiles the content and structure of source data to flag data quality issues for further remediation.
  • Measures, remediates, and monitors data quality to cleanse, standardize, and eliminate duplication.
  • Converts, transforms, and reconciles all data and then migrates that data to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format.
  • Enables business subject matter experts to manage reference data directly, without help from IT.

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