Virtualization Targus Technologies Virtualization services are aimed at helping you to create service-oriented infrastructures through decoupling your application from infrastructure which in turn means an automatic decoupling from physical location.

We provide an integrated and automated fashion of virtualization for computing, networking and storage environments, which helps you to enable application mobility.Our Virtualization implementation services are focused on lowering your capital costs by improving utilization and reducing the number of managed objects through resource sharing.

Targus Technologies follows an integrated and structured process in providing its Virtualization services that includes: Planning, Implementation and ongoing support.

Our Virtualization offerings include:

  • Platform Virtualization — enables you to segregate your operating systems from underlying platform resources.
  • Application Virtualization — enables you to host multiple applications on any server or software.
  • Storage Virtualization — enables help you to achieve location independence by abstracting logical data from the physical data, making your data migration more palatable without any downtime.
  • Network Virtualization — help you create virtualized network within or across network subnets, which helps to run multiple networks customized to your specific business needs.
  • Desktop Virtualization — our virtualization capabilities help you to virtually enable your desktops and be delivered to any laptop, thin client or mobile device.
  • Database Virtualization — enables continuous availability of your mission-critical data by virtualizing your database infrastructure by decoupling it from your application and storage layers
Key Benefits of Virtualization

  • Enables for easy replication, data copying and deployment as virtual machines are merely files rather than physical devices.
  • Reduces your time and effort involved in deploying new servers and applications, where you can spend the available time more on reacting better to changing market conditions and business needs.
  • Reduces your hardware acquisition and operating costs.
  • Faster and more agile provisioning of systems.
  • Reduces your server footprints with consolidated servers, which improves server utilization, increased flexibility and lowers data center power consumption.
  • Enables your employees virtually set up an office and remotely access the business applications anytime anywhere through their PCs, desktops, thin clients and laptops.
  • Makes your environment green and optimizes your IT environment.
  • Round the clock customer support services.

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